Our Partners

The Giving Days Foundation

For 20 years The Giving Days Foundation has been helping war veterans, abused children, homeless, and people in need. The Giving Days Foundation is a non-profit organization The is helping people in need World-Wide.

-We are recognized as 501(c)3 under the I.R.S.

​Feel free to visit their website: www.thegivingdaysfoundation.org


Haul It Away

Haul It Away is donating all of its money to wounded warriors, war veterans, homeless, abused children, and help children with school supplies. We work with residential and commercial clients, like new home owners, renters, renovation, storage’s, and construction contractors.

-They are recognized as 501(c)3 under the I.R.S.

Visit their website: www.haulitaway.org



Ray Reynolds Ministries

Ray Reynolds Ministries continues to help others and fight for the Human Rights, they have created projects to help those in need. Ray Reynolds Ministries strongly believe in second chances in life we want to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and help them have a second opportunity in life and appreciate the second chance Jesus have given them.

-They are recognized as 501(c)3 under the I.R.S.

Visit their website: www.rayreynoldsministries.org



 We also provide assistance for employment, business and credit if you are interested click on Assistance.