We Are On A Mission From Jesus

As we continue to help others and fight for the Human Rights, we plan on creating projects to help those in need. But we can’t do the projects on our own, you could contribute by donating or volunteering to help us help those in need. We strongly believe in second chances in life we want to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and help them have a second opportunity in life and appreciate the second chance Jesus have given them.


Some Of Our Projects


 Shelter/Thrift Store


We are building the Shelter & Restore Program.
We are fundraising for our Shelter & Restore Program, we want to provide the homeless with a place to restore, heal, eat and shelter. 


We need $400,000 to build this program




 Recycle Program


We are building the Recycle Program.
We provide a great exchange program for the homeless, we exchange the recycle for voucher money. This
Voucher money can be use in any of our stores or motels. Our van will also be driven around daily to give out food and water.


We need $175,000 to build this program



We are a non-profit organization. All donation are strongly appreciated, donate today and receive our shirt or sweater. 

Want to learn more about our projects

We also provide assistance for employment, business and credit.